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Duo2Arts (from now on The Company) is a multidisciplinary company which pretends to transform the world thanks to the arts!

With projects addressed to the vast majority of society, from youngsters to the elderly, The Company was born with the idea of bringing the society closer, transcending boundaries and celebrating our differences and similarities that characterize the various world cultures.

With their performances and social actions, The Company wants to invite communities to join forces for a social change of greater appreciation of the arts. Future and various shows will provide opportunities to continue influencing audiences from the most diverse backgrounds, transforming their lives through the arts. This will strengthen world culture via the development of the creativity, the confidence, and the skills of the younger generations.

The Company (the artists, guest performers, composers in residence and the staff) is hard at work. Combining that with rigor on and off the stage, innovative and creative projects, critical sense and far-sightedness, The Company presents original, top-notch and critically acclaimed shows.

However, these standards of artistic and technical excellence are not enough for the proper development of the company and that is why Sherezade, Jose and the rest of the team need your help.

¿Are you an individual, an institution or a company who cares for the arts? If the answer is yes, you could then tremendously help with your donation. If you would like to donate, please, reach out to them at with your message.

Types of sponsors

Dolce (Sweet—Dulce) Any value!

In order to continue offering the best from the artistic team, the preparation of the projects with rigor and enthusiasm is fundamental. Help the artists at the rehearsal room with an DOLCE donation so they can give their best on the stage!

In addition, so that new generations learn to appreciate culture from birth, support The Company in its quest for transmitting cultural values through educational activities.

Espressivo (Expressive—Expresivo) 250 €

Make an impact in today’s society is not an easy task, for that reason, pitch in a EXPRESSIVO donation to help The Company in their journey.

Giojoso (Joyful—Alegre) 500 €

The staff, as it happens with the artists and their guests, do not receive a monthly salary, instead, honoraries are earned as opportunities arise. Help The Company with an GIOJOSO donation to cover costs of operations.

Festoso (Festive—Festivo) 1000 €

Touring is pivotal for The Company, however, the costs for international travelling are oftentimes not covered by inviting institutions, with a FESTOSO donation, travel expenses will be defrayed.

¿What would you achieve out from your donation?

  • Benefiting from tax deductions.
  • Becoming a sponsor of the arts.
  • Fostering employment in the performing arts.
  • Covering operational and development costs of artistic projects.
  • Helping a multidisciplinary company in transforming the world through the arts.

And you, what type of sponsor are you?