Their Story

The unimaginable becomes reality through their performances.

The project was born in 2019 as a wish of a couple to bring their passions together. On the one hand, Sherezade Soriano, ballerina trained in classical and contemporary dance plus theater arts, and on the other hand, Jose Martínez, tuba player.


The first few months of existence introduced the group to audiences in Spain, at the Numskull Brass Festival in Caudete, and in Portugal, at the Gravíssimo! Low Brass International Festival in Alcobaça.

Gene Pokorny, principal tubist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, described the duo’s performance in Portugal as follows:

“It was fabulous. It was great, with a beautiful sub-plot. On the night of the performance, when it was over, the audience exploded. They went nuts”

The duo also traveled to France, in order to be coached and inspired by actor Cédric Chapuis and actress Margot Mouth (


Their first play, “Poiesis”, which means “Creation”, developed through these experiences into a very special project, “Adulthood Stories”, a tale told without the use of words via music, dance and theater.

“Adulthood Stories” was presented to the public at the end of 2019 while on tour, with pianist extraordinaire David Jiménez, in Spain and the USA (Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston). Tim Higgins, composer of the music for “Poiesis” and principal trombone of the San Francisco Symphony, mentioned:

“The combination of all three of you onstage was magic”

During the summer of 2020, after another  inspiring trip to the headquarters of the French company Scènes Plurielles, Duo2Arts participated at the #GESTO Street Dance Festival in Torrelodones (Spain). Juan de Torres, its Artistic Director, described the show like:

“It is like a Hollywood story, […] it is like a fairy tale, it is beautiful and very touching”


The 2021/2022 season started with the The American Prize Special Judges’ Citation for Unique Creativity — thanks to the show “Adulthood Stories” — awarded to Musical Theater Companies by The American Prize (USA).

Furthermore, a new play was presented, “Alma wants a tuba”, an educational show with narrator; story and illustrations by Ana María Alfonso and music by David Rivas; at the Teatro Municipal in Ponferrada (Spain).


In August 2022, Duo2Arts world-premiered the piece “Sherezade”, a fantasy on a wedding day, with music by Ricardo Mollá, at the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival (South Korea). This performance was broadcasted through Korean Central Television.

Tomer Maschkowski, bass trombone of the Deutsche Symphonie Orchester Berlin, mentioned after the performance:

“Once again, big bravo for your concert. […] really beautiful!”


Future commitments include debut performances of “Romeo & Juliet”, with melodies by Prokofiev, adapted by Charles Vernon and Ricardo Mollá, and the collaboration of Dominican urban dancer Ramón Chávez.

In addition, another world premiere will follow, “Gestural Poem” by Daniel Schvetz, with poems by Lorca, Vallejo y Scorza, at Isla Verde Bronces brass festival in Sarmiento y Belgrano, Isla Verde, Argentina.


Without the presence of the following like-minded artists, some of our shows would not be possible:


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