Sherezade Soriano


Chicagoan at heart, Sherezade Soriano hails from Valencia (Spain). From an early age, she showed a keen interest in the arts pursuing degrees in both classical and contemporary dance and also in theater arts, with a specialization in drama and textual theater, at Valencia Conservatory. Sherezade received coaching from Ana Lujan, Patrick Delcroix, Federico Bonelli, Isham Rusten, Didi Veldman, Ramon Moreno, among others.

A Commedia dell’Arte and the Renaissance dances lover, Soriano trained with Roberto Andrioli, Fabio Mangolini and Marco Bendoni in Florence (Italy). In Chicago (USA), she collaborated with companies such as Hedwig Dances along with Jan Bartoszek and Jessie Gutierrez. In addition, Sherezade acquired new skills at The Joffrey Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance and the Ruth Page School, studying jazz with Ariane Doland, modern dance with Ehtan Kirchbaum, ballet with Delma Decker and Kim Sagami and tap with Jabowen Dixon.

Soriano has recently been seen playing principal roles at the musicals “Bernarda” and “Star Desamparados” and the plays “Zangolotinos en escabeche” and “En espera de Arrabal”. As an educator, she taught at Estudio21 in Valencia and Forevermore Dance and Theatre Arts in Chicago.

Sherezade currently lives in Madrid balancing her career as a dancer and teacher at Larumbe Danza and Armonia Danza, together with Duo2Arts. In addition, she is the CEO of Espacio Sherezade, where she teaches dance and pilates plus acts as nutritional coach.

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