What is Duo2Arts?

We are a young company that was born thanks to the curiosity of a ballerina and actress, and a musician.

We love collaborating with like-minded artists and are open for all sorts of artistic projects.

Our hallmark is the quest for a language that combines the performing arts, dance, music and theater.

We aim to share our stories through a universal speechless language full of pure emotions.

Some of our shows:

Adulthood Stories

A pair of ballerina shoes that appear out of the blue, mesmerising movements, blushing faces which denote feelings, anxious moods, adulthood romances, dances that win hearts and more is what the public will experience attending this performance. These everyday scenes are told through the arts and will make people of all ages identify themselves with their own lives.

Romeo & Juliet

With the city of Verona as an inspirational setting, two in loved youngsters, from confronted families, are victims of situations of conflict, hatred and violence.

In our very own version, Juliet will emerge from the Classicism while Romeo from the current era, breaking with classic stereotypes in an original and current way.

What else?

The following shows will see the light in 2022:

  • Gestural Poem
  • Swans
  • Tales of Water

and many more to come! Go take a look!

“It is like a Hollywood story, […] it is like a fairy tale, it is beautiful and very touching”.

Juan de Torres / Artistic Director of #GESTO Street Dance Festival

"The combination of all three of you onstage was magic".

Tim Higgins / Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony

"It is absolutely unforgettable. This absolutely must be seen to be believed”.

Gene Pokorny / Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony

"It creates EMOTIONS in everyone who sees and listens to the performance. Just beautiful”.

Sérgio Carolino / International Tuba Artist

"My soul is uplifted. Your performance [...] must be seen again and again. Powerful love story with a happy ending.”

Roger Rocco / International Brass Pedagogue

Our Story


The project was born in 2019 as a wish of a couple to bring their passions together.

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